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The Bird Shoppe - Premium Bathing & Care products for Parrots
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Nature's Next Bamboo
This spacious bamboo nest encourages natural nesting behaviors in your small bird. The enclosed area provides privacy to support courtship and breeding.
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Cuttle Bone (4 pieces)
Cuttlebones provide your bird with essential nutrients to help maintain optimum health. Rich with calcium and other supplements. Cuttlebones stimulate your bird while helping to keep his beak trim.
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The Bird Shoppe Germicidal Detergent & Deodorant
The Bird Shoppe Germicidal Detergent & Deodorant is ready-to- use and the same formula we use right here at The Bird Shoppe. This awesome product comes in 32oz bottles.
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Calcium Flavored Block w/ Bolt
Every bird can have a mineral block. It is good for their beaks and also provides valuable minerals needed by your birds. Breeders and pet owners will both appreciate these blocks.
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Poop Off
Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover instantly dissolves bird droppings. The Original liquid bird poop remover. Safe enough to use with the bird inside the cage.
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Corncob Bedding
Kay-Kob is a natural corn cob product, ideal as a bedding and litter for birds and small animals. Highly absorbent, and helps eliminate odors. It won't stick or cling to cages or pens allowing for easy clean-up.
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1lb Mineral Grit (coarse)
Made with real oyster shell and enriched with essential minerals that give it its unique teal color. Helps birds in digestion. Sold by the pound online.
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Sheer Guard
The Sheer Guard Skirt is a beautiful sheer material that allows you to see in and bird to see out. It helps keep your floor clean, allows air to flow into the cage and is easily washable.
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A long-tested mineral supplement for macaws and all birds. The same 9 minerals in the same concentration as the manu clay deposits deep in the Amazon rainforest. Each mineral is present in the exact amount necessary for balanced nutrition.
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Window Shower Perch
This Shower and/or Window Perch is covered with a bird safe, rough, sand texture for grooming nails and beaks. Suction cups allow it to attach to the sides of your shower, bathtub, or window.
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The Bird Shoppe - Premium Bathing & Care products for Parrots
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1lb McBride's Macaw
McBride's Macaw offers foods of the wild that your pet bird would naturally seek out.
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