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>Are all items available?
In the event an item(s) is unavailable, we will either supplement your requested item(s) with one of the same value and/or similar design. If this is not possible, we will contact you to either refund the amount of the item or discuss an appropriate alternative.

The Bird Shoppe strives to keep a variety of toys, food and products available in our Shoppe. This means that toys and some other products may not always be available. The Bird Shoppe reserves the right to subsitute a like item at or about the same price as the product currently unavailable. The upside is that your birdies will never get bored with the quality and variety found at The Bird Shoppe!

Items and shipping are available only for delivery in the United States.


>What happens if you supplement an item for the one I requested and I don't like it?
In the event a supplemented item does not meet your expectations, please let us know. You may return the item for another item for the same value or similar design. Without a receipt, items cannot be returned for a full refund. Questions? Email or Call The Bird Shoppe at / 513-874-4405.


>I don't see something that I normally find in the shoppe, can I still buy it online?
Let us know! You can still probably get that item. It can be difficult to keep up with the Shoppe's variety, so we may just need to add your item to the site! Email or Call The Bird Shoppe at / 513-874-4405.


>How will my item be shipped?
Most items will be shipped via USPS Flat Rate Shipping. Larger, heavier items may need to be shipped via FedEx or UPS. In some cases, your item(s) will require additional time to be delivered. If you are concerned about the delivery date of your item, please call The Bird Shoppe @ 513-874-4405. An expedited delivery may be arranged for an additional shipping fee.


>Returns & Refunds
Returns will not be accepted on ANY food items. Non-food items may be returned in-store with a receipt. Only unused toys and non-edable supplies will be accepted for return/refund with receipt.


>Why won't you sell cages or birds online?
We take great care in finding forever homes for our birds. Each family that purchases a bird receives training and guidance. We don't want to lose that unique experience by selling birgs online. Cages are an important purchase and we want to make sure that you get the right one. Birds and cages of any kind MUST be purchased in our store at 6160 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, Ohio 45014. However, a cage may be ordered and delivered in a "drop-ship" arrangement directly to your home. Please call The Bird Shoppe @ 513-874-4405 to discuss the cost and fees associated with this type of purchase. 


>What is the agreement required for purchasing items online?

By purchasing an item in our online shoppe or physical store, you agree:
The Bird Shoppe seeks to provide each of its human and feathered customers with the best supplies, toys and care possible. However, The Bird Shoppe is NOT responsible for any misuse of items such as perches, swings, toys, food, carriers, supplements, cages, flight suits, or cage shields, that result in the loss, injury and/or death of your bird(s). 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms & Conditions, please email

We thank you for your business,

Anne Crone
The Bird Shoppe


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Our store is a unique and exciting place to find a new addition for 
your family as well as to find wonderful and healthy foods and 
treats, toys and supplies for your feathered pet.We are 
independently owned and located in Fairfield, OH.
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1lb McBride's Macaw
McBride's Macaw offers foods of the wild that your pet bird would naturally seek out.
In Stock!

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